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  • We are anchored by Animoca Ventures.

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Our methodology is simple: 
curate communities of serious investors and serious projects,  and create conduits for information exchange. 

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past EVENTs

Reports from the future: Dubai Feb 2023

Our previous event was held in Dubai on 8 Feb 2023. With Digital Dubai and Animoca Ventures as co-hosts, the event featured presenters from AV’s global portfolio. 112 investors and funds specially invited by Digital Dubai attended the event.

Reporting from the future...

James Ho
James Ho Managing Partner
Animoca Ventures
Bryan Pellegrino
Bryan Pellegrino Co-Founder / CEO
LayerZero Labs
Heslin Kim
Heslin Kim Co-Founder / CSO
Supra Oracles
Steve Ip
Steve Ip Founder / CEO
Conductive Research
Tino Millar
Tino Millar Co-Founder / CEO
Karim Banna
Karim Banna Web3 Program Manager
Rupert Barksfield
Rupert Barksfield CEO
Michael Tong
Michael Tong CEO
Ray Lu
Ray Lu Co-Founder / Group CEO
Justin Pham
Justin Pham Co-Founder / CEO

We are anchored by Animoca Ventures, whose portfolio companies consists of sought-after Tier 1 projects globally. 

Animoca Ventures is the venture investment arm of Animoca Brands, a global leader in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification. 

Animoca Ventures serves as the pulse of Animoca Group, working at the frontlines to discover new cutting edge projects and trends in the Web3 space.

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